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Annuity Alert

Did you know:

  • Most annuities have limited returns that may merely match inflation?

  • Annuities are designed to liquidate your investment principal?

  • You can lose money from withdrawing funds before a long period?

  • As high as 99% of annuity holders later regret buying an annuity?

  • You still have a choice even if you already purchased an annuity?

You may have heard of guaranteed retirement income that cannot go down in value and issues payouts for life. That is called an annuity. They may seem popular, but those who promote them typically receive high sales commission.

An annuity might sound like a convenient or safe option in an uncertain market or economy. However, most buyers are not aware that after high fees or capped yields, actual returns can be so low that they do not even keep up with inflation.

Another downside of an annuity is that when most common payout options start, the principal balance is transferred from the annuity buyer to the issuing company. That essentially eliminates the annuity holder’s option to make future choices with those funds.

For example, Consumer Reports has published that as low as 1% of annuity buyers are later happy with making that purchase. While an annuity may be appropriate in rare circumstances, we have options to generate reliable and recurring income while you retain your future choices.

If you have already purchased an annuity, we can help to assess your situation and determine what options may best support your goals so you can believe in your heritage and invest in your legacy.


“Whoever multiplies his wealth by interest and profit

gathers it for him who is generous to the poor.”

Sustainable Residual Income

Instead of an annuity designed to liquidate your estate, why not choose or switch to a sustainable option that can generate residual income now and for generations to come? With an investment portfolio skillfully managed by a trusted advisor at Schutte Financial, you can retain control of your principal.


Enjoy peace of mind as we balance returns with risk while accounting for inflation and your living expenses. Imagine enjoying sustainable, residual income to provide for your own retirement with the potential to keep it coming and growing for those you love or a favorite charity. Schedule a free consultation or open your managed account online today.

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