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Did you know:

  • Your money can actually lose value keeping it in cash due to inflation?

  • Residual income can be generated even before retirement?

  • Investing a little now can produce a lot later from compounding returns?

  • Retaining control of your principal is key to investing in your legacy?

  • You pay no commissions for portfolio management with Schutte Financial?

When you consider achieving your dreams and investing in your legacy, there are a host of options that may seem daunting or time consuming.

How do you balance market risk with your time horizon? How do you fight against inflation from eating away at your savings? How about leveraging compound returns so that you have adequate retirement income?

With Schutte Financial, you can simply bring your goals and we can assist with all the rest. Because we are an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm, we have the ability to select investment options that make sense for our clients.

Because we choose to avoid client commissions and transaction fees, while selecting high quality investments, we historically have higher return performance than the average private client.

From providing a college education for a child or grandchild, to generating income for retirement or someone in need, Schutte Financial can help invest in your legacy.

Planning & Management

“Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.”

Planning &Management

Investing in your legacy is more than preparing for retirement. It can be generating additional residual income for a special purchase or someone in need. With the right planning and management, you can start creating wealth now. Like a doctor conducting an exam before prescribing treatment, a financial plan can help you make sense of where you are and how to get to where you want to go. Save time and frustration while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from planning and management with Schutte Financial. Our options are available in one of the two service colors listed below of Sapphire or Platinum.

Our Options Include:

  • Investment Portfolio Management​ (semi or full-service)

  • Individual Retirement Accounts (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA)

  • Individual Investment Accounts (custom or goal-specific)

  • Residual Income Accounts (generate additional cash flow)

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning (goals, cash flow, asset projection)

  • Education Planning and Fund Setup (e.g. 529 Plan)

  • Military Benefit Consulting (e.g. Thrift Savings Plan allocations)

  • Employee Benefit Consulting (e.g. 401k/403b/457b allocations)

  • Educational Group Workshops (general strategy sessions)



Enjoy custom advice or even a second opinion to help keep you on track to achieving your goals.

  • Personal Financial Plans

  • Custom Assessments

  • Hourly Topical Advice

  • Investment Analysis

  • Retirement Projections

Free with Platinum

Most Popular

Historically better performance
than the typical private client*

*based on data from ARC Private Client Indices (PCI)


Enjoy semi or full-service, modern ETF portfolio management with human insight and robo technology.

  • No Required Minimums

  • Automatic Rebalancing

  • Daily Tax Loss Harvesting

  • User-Friendly Mobile App

  • Open Account in 5 Minutes

Includes Sapphire

Retirement Income

Retirement Income

Retaining control of your investment principal is critical if you want to pass on an inheritance, which is not possible with popular annuity payout plans or common “guaranteed retirement income” designed to liquidate your estate rather than build it. Instead, an investment portfolio that is carefully managed in line with your goals can provide a steady income stream while you remain the owner. We recommend a managed portfolio for sustainable and residual income that retains control of your principal and can offer a better return. However, if you prefer the proposed guarantee of no downside risk, even with higher fees and limited returns, we can also provide an annuity upon request with integrity and honestly explain how it can impact your legacy.

Our Options Include:

  • Managed Portfolios (recommended)

  • Annuities (upon request)

Education Funds

Education Funds

Increasing earning potential for a child or grandchild can substantially support your legacy. An education fund (e.g. 529 Plan) is a tax-advantaged way to pay for college or higher education. During the investment phase, contributions can grow so that expenses are easier to cover later to help avoid unnecessary debt and ongoing student loan payments. Qualified withdrawals are tax-free and contributions can earn a tax reduction credit. Furthermore, family can help contribute to the fund, which can be used at almost all accredited schools across the nation. The expense savings of a 529 Plan can be dramatic and have a significant impact on funding for other investments. Because we are a fee-based advisor, we are able to provide an advisory account with no commissions or sales charges. Discover examples of how tuition expenses can be reduced with our financial calculators.

Our Options Include:

  • Education Plans

  • 529 Plan Fund Setup

Trust Funds

A trust fund can be a powerful tool to protect your estate and inheritance for someone you love or a favorite charity. With legal representation from an estate planner or tax attorney and trustee, we can provide recommendations or full-service portfolio management. Based on your goals and estate plan, a trust fund can avoid painful probate by government authorities so that funds can simply be passed on. Designating beneficiaries with a trust fund can keep contributions going and even growing (common annuity payouts liquidate an estate and eliminate the principal). With us, you can even generate a residual income stream for those you choose with a managed portfolio balancing growth for inflation with ongoing fixed income.

Our Options Include:

  • Estate Planning Assistance

  • Trust Fund Management

Trust Funds


Employer Plans

As an employer, you can leverage a key incentive to retain top talent with an attractive 401(k) plan. Employees who know that you care about their financial future are more likely to remain loyal and productive. Based on your goals and those of your average employee, we can review your benefits or even manage an appropriately balanced 401(k) plan so that you can be an employer of choice.

Our Options Include:

  • Benefit and Pension Consulting

  • 401(k) Plan Fund Management

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