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Why Schutte Financial

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We believe in supporting your heritage by empowering your legacy.


Your Value

Have you wondered if it’s worth it to pay for a financial advisor? Maybe you have heard of a free or automated robo advisor. Or, perhaps you feel you could do just as well on your own.

However, what if you could earn more with a professionally managed investment portfolio for a small fee versus on your own or with a free service? We are pleased to share that our clients historically have a higher return on their investments with us than the average private client.

We choose to not charge a commission on financial advice or portfolio management. We also do not have transactions fees or investment minimums. Yet, we work with a team of certified experts and utilize leading technology so you can put your money to work right away and rest assured that you are getting excellent value.

If working with an experienced human professional could provide a better return or save you time and frustration for a small fee, rather than doing it all yourself, would that be worth your peace of mind?

Having a financial advisor who is both competent and truly cares can mean the difference in achieving your goals. With Schutte Financial, you can believe in your heritage and invest in your legacy.


Your Experience

Your experience with us is designed to be transparent, pleasant, and energizing. To best serve you, we recommend these three options:

Option 1: Ask for Guidance in a Free Consultation

Start today by scheduling a free consultation. You simply share your story and financial goals with a caring and competent financial advisor. We will then recommend a service plan that supports your goals. There is never any pressure, and you always get to select your next steps.

If you prefer to skip a consultation, please choose Option 2 or 3.

Option 2: Order Financial Plan, Assessment, or Advice

Try our Sapphire service. Like a doctor conducts a checkup before prescribing any treatment, creating a plan that details your starting point and intended destination helps to know what solutions can best empower your legacy. Your online personalized plan can be dynamic and mobile.

To have your investments managed by us, please skip to Option 3.

Option 3: Take the First Step to Start Investing or Get Insured

For investment management, we suggest trying our Platinum service for modern, low-cost Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) portfolio management. This comes with complimentary Sapphire service. Your shiny new account can be open online in 5 minutes! We can help or you can feel free to get started on your own. It features human insight and advanced automated technology including automatic re-balancing, a free mobile app, daily tax loss harvesting, and no transaction fees or minimums. Even if you have a previous mutual fund account, you can convert qualified funds, diversify risk for your assets, or save up for a special purchase with this ETF portfolio. Start investing in your legacy today!

Select our Platinum service to leverage technology with human oversight.


For insurance coverage, review the options under Insure or contact us and specify which type of insurance you would like to consider. We can refer you to a resource with access to leading carriers according to public ratings on coverage, cost, and care. Protect your legacy today!

There is no extra cost to work with an insurance broker through us since compensation comes directly from the carrier. We can be your advocate!

Discover how investments and insurance can impact your legacy with a, brief video, financial calculator, and financial success guide. Or, check out updates from leading news with free tips.


Our Founder

Daniel Schutte

Founding Principal, Daniel Schutte, MBA

Schutte Financial was born from a passion to help people manage their finances to fund a fulfilling life while supporting a heritage of generosity and creating a legacy.

Daniel Schutte founded our firm upon earning his Series 7, Series 66, and Health & Life licenses. After training to be a financial advisor with a large company, Dan chose to become an independent Registered Investment Advisor in order to serve clients without pressure from commissions, quotas, or restricted investment and insurance options.

Dan has been a featured advisor by NASDAQ, Business Insider, Investopedia, and Visa, Inc. Having studied wealth management for over 15 years, he enjoys serving our clients with competence and care.

With an MBA education, Dan has managed budgets up to $10 million for Visa, Inc. and previously served as a Marine Corps Intelligence & Operations Officer where he managed over $50 million in assets with the First Marine Headquarters Group.

As a resident of Denver, Colorado, Dan is happily married to his wife, Sarah, and enjoys spending time making memories as a family.


Our Pricing

Because your trust and confidence are important to us, we are happy to fully disclose our pricing and choose to keep our fees low to provide comprehensive assistance based on your goals.


We offer the following financial planning and management options. For comprehensive care that includes complimentary Sapphire services (planning, assessments, and advice), in addition to a managed investment portfolio, we recommend our Platinum service.

Financal Plan

(à la carte advice)

Online Financial Plan


Support your goals with current guidance from a real-time financial plan that can include the following:

  • Cash Flow with Debt Strategies

  • Retirement Projections

  • Investments and Insurance

  • Education Funding

  • Tax Estimates and Strategies

Free with Platinum

Written Financial Plan


Assess your current financial plan or goals. Choose from one or all of the following categories:

  • Cash Flow with Debt Strategies

  • Retirement Projections

  • Investments and Insurance

  • Education Funding

  • Tax Estimates and Strategies

Free with Platinum

Verbal Financial Advice


Enjoy peace of mind from custom financial advice. Choose from one or all of the following categories:

  • Cash Flow with Debt Strategies

  • Retirement Projections

  • Investments and Insurance

  • Education Funding

  • Tax Estimates and Strategies

Free with Platinum

By submitting payment, you agree to our Disclosure, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use.

NOTE: To receive service following your purchase, please book a free consultation or complete our electronic questionnaire to provide your details. We will contact you as requested.

Platinum Pricing

(modern value suite)

Most Popular:

Historically better performance
than the typical private client* and lower management fees or no minimum investment with unlimited support compared to other firms.

Full Service with
Portfolio Management

0.5% - 1.25% of AUM/annually

  • about $1 per year for every $100 invested

  • 15% less than median rates for full service

  • planning, advice, & platform fee (0.25%)

  • automatically collected from account

  • discounted by tier for higher balances

Enjoy full-service, modern ETF portfolio management, and human connection with automated technology.

  • Highest Potential Gains

  • No Required Minimums

  • Automatic Rebalancing

  • Daily Tax Loss Harvesting

  • User-Friendly Mobile App

  • Open Account in 5 Minutes

Includes Sapphire

Included Features:

  • Online Financial Plan

  • Custom Portfolios

  • Automated Investing

  • Unlimited Advice

  • Ongoing Support

Our Difference


  • No commissions or transaction fees on portfolio management

  • Unlimited free consultations and solution recommendations

  • No investment minimums with Platinum service

  • No fees for guidance on insurance solutions with leading carriers

  • Free online personal financial plan with portfolio management

  • Hero discount for first responders and military with Platinum service

  • Mutual success with compensation tied to portfolio management

  • Historically better investment returns compared to the typical private client*

*based on data from ARC Private Client Indices (PCI)

Reviews are from clients who are not compensated. Ratings are verified from independent sources including and

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