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Note: This page is for educational purposes only. The firm is not licensed to sell insurance but may refer clients to licensed insurance persons as appropriate.


Did you know:

  • MediCARE does not cover expenses like exclusive personal care?

  • MediCAID usually requires spending down many assets to qualify?

  • Long-term care for a spouse or parent can be comfortable at home?

  • Specialty insurance can cover gaps and out-of-pocket costs?

  • You do not pay extra fees for an insurance broker with Schutte Financial?

When you consider protecting your legacy, defending against threats to your assets is critical. An unexpected accident or time of hardship can risk a lifetime of hard work.

Some might think that MediCAID will pay for the high cost of healthcare or assistance for a spouse or parent. While that might be the only option for some, many personal assets are required to be spent down on expensive care first in order to qualify for government aid in most cases. This result could threaten personal lifestyle options or the ability to pass on an inheritance.

If you qualify for MediCARE, there may be gaps in your coverage that leave you exposed to high medical bills, which could severely diminish your assets. However, we can suggest options to help cover these gaps.

Unfortunately, waiting too long to get proper coverage, may result in not qualifying or being able to afford such coverage later. Because we are an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm, we have the privilege of working with leading companies according to public review and are happy to do the heavy lifting for you.

From guarding income to defending assets, for yourself and those you love, Schutte Financial can help protect your legacy.


“One who is wise is cautious and turns away from evil, but a fool is reckless and careless.”


Health insurance (also called major medical) is foundational to guarding against threats to your assets. Unexpected expenses can not only cause daily stress but also prevent you from investing in your legacy. While comprehensive health insurance can cover most expenses, low-premium supplements such as accident insurance (also called gap insurance) can help to alleviate your out-of-pocket costs like high deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance. The 24/7 doctor consultation service can help give you peace of mind remotely any time of day.

Options Include:



Life insurance can be essential if you want to leave a legacy. With the appropriate amount, you can avoid unnecessary hardships for your family or hindrance to charity contributions. Life insurance can help to cover estate taxes, outstanding debt, lost income, mortgage payments, unfunded education, or remaining loans. Term policies can be more affordable short-term while whole policies can include permanent coverage and guaranteed cash value accumulation. Universal policies allow you to make adjustments in response to life events.

Options Include:

  • Term

  • Whole

  • Universal



Enrolling in Medicare is quite simple, but knowing which parts cover various expense categories can be rather complicated. Those who rely on standard coverage may later regret to learn that expense maximums or gaps are not covered without a supplement or Medicare Advantage plan. HMO policies often are more affordable while PPO or POS policies may offer greater provider flexibility. Enrollees should also remember that exclusive personal care such as eating, bathing, and transferring is not covered by Medicare. Long-Term Care insurance should be considered to prevent a need to depend on family assistance or Medicaid, which usually requires applicants to spend down many personal assets to nearly nothing with only a small amount remaining for personal spending.

Options Include AARP Discounted:

  • Medicare Advantage

  • Medicare Supplements

  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans



Most people know about health, life, and Medicare insurance. However, unique supplements we call specialty insurance can make the difference in staying out of debt or spending down assets to qualify for Medicaid. Long-Term Care insurance can help to cover the high costs of exclusive personal care not included in Medicare or a comprehensive health policy. Hospital indemnity insurance can kick in to provide coverage for extended inpatient stays that exceed what is covered by a health or Medicare policy. Low-premium critical illness insurance can significantly alleviate expenses for serious conditions including cancer, heart attack, or stroke. Disability income insurance can help to provide essential coverage for living expenses after extended downtime from an unexpected accident or illness.

Options Include:


Employer Policies

Besides meeting government regulations, providing employees with a solid insurance policy can help to retain top talent and increase productivity. In addition to group health insurance policies, we also offer stop loss policies to guard against high claims for self-insured employers. As your trusted advocate, we can do the shopping for you at no extra cost to match quality with affordability.

Options Include:

  • Group Policies

  • Stop Loss Policies

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